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Field Fence


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Sheffield Field Fence

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Made In The USA
(Hog Wire - Sheep and Goat Fence) 12-1/2 gauge
Galvanized Wire General Pasture Fencing with 6" or 12" Stays

• High Quality American made general pasture fence made durable by heavy zinc galvanizing!
Works well on steel or wooden posts. Extra wraps at top, bottom, and middle lines for strength.
• Heavy 10 gauge top and bottom wire controls large animals.
• Heavy enough for cattle yet economical and practical for other animals. 3 inch space at bottom
helps keep predators out.
• Tension crimp keeps wire tight, even, and straight in all types of weather. Hinged joints allow
fence to give under pressure but spring back into shape.

All Sheffield Woven Wire Fence has extra wraps on top and bottom line wires and middle
stay wires. These extra wraps make
Sheffield Woven Wire Fence stronger, add years of
service in rugged field conditions.
Sheffield Field Fence
No. 12-1/2 gauge
10 gauge top and bottom wires

• Heavy galvanized coating
• Extra wraps on top, middle, and bottom wires
• Hinge joint construction flexes on uneven terrain
• Looks better - lasts longer

This popular weight fence, with field tested strength, zinc coating, and reinforced
construction, is our most popular fence. Moderate in coast and easily erected, it is
highly efficient for general farm use. Made of No. 10 gauge top and bottom wires,
with No. 12-1/2 gauge stay and line wires. Supplied in the specifications shown.
330 ft. Rolls. Mill certification available upon request at time of order.

Hexagon Netting

Hexagon Netting
Buckle-Free Rolls
Woven with a special reverse twist method our Poultry netting is made
from 20 gauge galvanized wire that gives years of rust protection.
A buckle-free horizontal line is woven in every 12 in. to assure that you
can stretch wire to a smooth taut finish.

The perfect hexagon shape assures protection for full grown birds as
well as tiny chicks (1 in. mesh). Two mesh sizes and seven heights allows
you to pick the size you need for your project. Furnished in 50 ft. and 150 ft. rolls.

Hundreds of uses other than poultry - cages, fence, insulation backing, tennis
courts, ball diamonds, parade floats, or paper-mache art work.

High Game Fence

8 ft. High Game Fence
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in Feet

Number of

Line Wires



Spaces Between

Stays (Inches)

Approx. Weight

Per Roll in lbs.




10 gauge Top and Bottom Wires
• This new game fence was designed by deer farm managers to incorporate the
safety and durability of all current game fence on the market. Burly has taken those
factors and added "affordability" and ease of installation to this new fence.
• Class 1 galvanization on all wires assures extra life because of the thick zinc coating.
• Hinge joint construction allows you to put this wire up easier in rough terrain and allows
the fence to give under pressure but "spring" back into shape. You have been using
hinge joint fencing for years, it's sometimes calls "Hog Wire" or "Field Fence" and now
it is available as "Deer Fence".
* Expensive special tools are not required to installed
High Game Fence. Because High
Game Fence
is not made of "brittle" high carbon wire, it can be twisted during
construction of the fence.
• 10 gauge top and bottom wires and 12-1/2 gauge net wire. 96 in. height.
Meets ASTM A-116 Class 1 Specifications.
1896-6-12-12-1/2 x 330 ft.

Light Welded Wire

Light Welded Wire Fabric
General Purpose Use:
A quality-made galvanized steel wire fabric with many uses around the farm, home,
and industry. Here are just a few:

• Corn Cribs
• Trays
• Crates
• Fencing
• Window Guards
• Rabbit Cages
• Exotic Bird Cages
• Vegetable Bins
• Machine Guards
• Poultry Cages
• Live Animal Traps
Galvanized for Long Life.
Each wire of our
Welded Wire Fabric is individually welded at every intersection
for strength and long service. The galvanized coating is tightly bonded to the
full-gauge steel wire. Stay wires are cut flush.
Welded Wire Fabric is available in a complete range of gauges and sizes, and can
be included with other wire products when ordering.

Non-Climb Fencing

Sheffield 2 x 4 Non-Climb Fence

America's #1 Fence

Horsewire NonClimb&Steer1


2" x 4" Mesh Available in 3', 4', 5', and 6' heights
Stocked in 100' and 200' rolls

Although commonly called "Horse Fence" or "Non-Climb", this fence is also ideal for dog kennels,
exotic game, cattle, and goats. The close mesh discourages predators and helps keeps your
livestock safe.
The lock knots are stronger than welded joints and are more flexible, allowing easier installation
on uneven terrain. The knot is smooth on both sides to decrease the change for infectious cuts.
Tension crimps allow you to stretch the fence tight and compensates for contracting and expanding
due to weather changes. 10 gauge top and bottom wires with 12-1/2 gauge mesh.
Made to Class 1 Specifications.

Ornamental Fence

Double Loop Ornamental Fence
Historic Double Loop Ornamental Fence is an ideal fence for lawns and gardens because
it affords protection while enhancing the beauty of the property it protects.

Double construction extends to height of 20-1/2 in. on 36 in. and 42 in. fence; 26-1/2 in. on
48 in. fence. Two strand twisted line cables are 6 in. apart. Pickets are 2-7/8 in. apart in open
section of fence; 1-3/8 in. apart in the closed bottom section. Furnished in 100 ft. rolls.

Sheep and Goat Fence

4 X 4 Sheep and Goat Fence
10 gauge top and bottom wire, mesh is 12-1/2 gauge. 4 in. mesh makes a safer fence to help
keep predators out. Most sheep and goats cannot get their head stuck in 4 in. mesh. Hinge
joint construction is easy to install. Tension crimps allow wire to respond to weather extremes.
Mesh comes in 48 in, 60 in, and 72 in. rolls 330 ft in length.

V-Mesh Fencing

V-Mesh Fencing
An extra strong galvanized fence material constructed of continuously interwoven
cross wires and horizontal twisted cable creates a wire fabric with no knots, or loose
ends to cause injury. Cross wires are 2 in. apart at the widest point preventing
"toe holds" for climbing. Horizontal two strand 12-1/2 gauge twisted cable are 4 in. apart.
Cross wires are 14 gauge. Close woven construction keeps out predators.
Ideal fence material for horse corrals, school yards, or anywhere an attractive, safe,
non-climb fence is needed. Furnished in 165 ft. (10 rod) rolls. I-2 Specifications.