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Ag Gates & Latches

Diamond Head® Gates

Bull Gates

16 ga. heavier 2" steel Bull Gates are reinforced with 4 in. x 4 in. wire mesh welded to frame. 3/4" Male pin hinge not included. Welded to 2" steel frame.

Also available with 2"X4" mesh on special order.

Galvanized 6-Bar Tube Gate

Steel Tube Gates are Stronger...
Have Less Wind Resistance
6-Bar Gates are manufactured from 1 3/4 in. galvanized 18 gauge steel tube. The gate is 50 in. in height with 8 in. to 9 in. openings between the horizontal bars. Strong steel vertical braces support the horizontal bars of the gate. 4 ft. gate do not need bracing while 16 ft. gates have two sets of braces. A chain latch is welded in place. Galvanized hinges (included) are adjustable for easy installation and height adjustments. Gates are designed to fit opening widths on the specification chart. Gates are actually 4 in. shorter than the opening width to accommodate installation hardware.

6 Bar Heavy Green Gates


Manufactured of heavy 16 ga. 2" steel. Hand welded joints are made to withstand heavy use. Galvanized 3/4" hinges (included) are adjustable for easy installation and height adjustment. Made in the USA and coated with lead-free green paint.

Diamond Head® Gate Hinges


Galvanized lag screw hinge screw into wood posts for a strong support for your gate. J-Bolt hinges require a hole to be bored through the post. Washers and nuts are supplied with J-Bolts.

Diamond Head® Gate Latches


Two sizes for all your gates. Heavy steel construction. Latch automatically locks in place using gravity pins. No springs to wear out. Latches from either direction. Powder coated for long life. Larger latch fits up to 2 in. gate. Smaller latch is ideal for chain link and ornamental gates. (1 1/4 in. to 1 1/2 in.).

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