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Sheffield® Barbed Wire & Stays

Sheffield Barbed Wire is available in a wide selection of styles, all featuring tightly wrapped strands of 75000 PSI galvanized wire. The strength of this wire helps prevent "sagging" or "stretching" problems which normally occur after wire has been installed.

Sheffield barbed wire has distinctive sharp barbs that will earn the respect of live stock, predators, and intruders.

Barbed Wire
#10 Barbed Wire
Style No. 10

2 point 12 1/2 gauge flat barb, wrapped once around one strand of 12 1/2 gauge wire and held securely by the second strand Barbs spaced every 5 in. Sheffield style 10 is distinctively different from any barbed wire on the market today. Approximate weight is 74 lbs. Made to ASTM A121 Class I specifications 1320 ft rolls.
Stock No. BBW AA

#1 Barbed Wire
Style No 1

2 point round barb wrapped twice around one main strand 12 1/2 gauge wire every 4 in. Barbs are 14 gauge. Class I galvanized wire. Approximate weight is 76.5 lbs Made to ASTM A 121 Class I specifications. 1320 ft rolls
Stock No. BBW AD

#33 Barbed Wire
Style No. 33

4 point barbed wire. 12 1/2 gauge strands with 14 gauge barbs wrapped around one main strand and interlocked with the second strand. Barb spacing is 5 inches. Made to ASTM A121 Class I specifications. Approximate weight is 80 lbs. 1320 ft rolls.
Stock No. BBW AB
#30 Barbed Wire
Style No. 30
Barbless , with 12 1/2 gauge strands uniformly wound and wrapped on reinforced, non-collapsible reels. Ideal for any fencing where it is important that animals be protected from cuts. Approximate weight is 64 lbs. Approx. length is 1320 ft. Made to ASTM A121 Class I specifications.
Stock NO. BBW AC
#18 Barbed Wire
Style No. 18
4 point round barb wrapped around both strands of
12 1/2 gauge wire and interlocked. 14 gauge barbs are spaced every 5 inches. Made to ASTM A121 Class I specifications. Our heaviest barbed wire. Approx. weight 86.9 lbs. Approx. length 1320 ft
Stock No. BBW ABA
Bobcat Barbed Wire

High tensile 4 point barbs spaced every 5" on 15 1/2 ga. galvanized wire. Class III specifications. Approx. weight 42 lbs. Approx. length 1320 ft. 48 Rolls to a pallet.
Stock No. BBW DD
Fence Stays

Sheffield Fence Stays

Put extra backbone into any fence.
• Makes a stronger fence.
• Combines woven wire with barbed wire.
• Also available in 9 1/2 ga.Fence Stay Chart

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