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Corral Panels

Diamond Head Light Weight Galvanized Portable Corral Panels
Portable Corral Panels
Set up a corral in just minutes.
Portable corral panels let you take the corral to the herd. Set up a full size corral section or use for small pens. Bent frame tops make these panels safe for both horses and cattle. Reinforced bent frame legs are sturdy and will not sink into mud as easily as straight leg panels. Constructed from strong 1 3/4 in. galvanized steel tubing. Horizontal bars are coped, fitted, and welded to vertical end bars for strength and stability. Steel vertical brace in center of panel adds additional strength. Panels are connected together easily with two chain hinges welded to each panel. No loose pins.

Panels are 5 ft. tall and 10 ft. or 12 ft. in length. 4 ft. gate panels are built into a 10 ft. panel or you may order a 4 ft. gate built into a 12 ft. frame.
Corral Panel Chart

70" Filson Heavy Duty Corral Panels
Filson Hevy Duty Corral PanelHeavy 14 gauge 2 in. steel tubing is coped and welded at each intersection. All tubing is sealed so that water does not get inside the tube. The corral panel "squared off" at the corners for safety. Prevents legs from being wedged between panels. Special sliding latches are welded to each panel to make for a quick and easy installation. "Dipped" painted to assure a complete enamel coating. The panels are furnished in 10 ft. and 12 ft. lengths. Also available is a 10 ft. section with built in 4 ft. gate.
Corral Panel
Galvanized Steel Corral Panels
Galvanized Steel Welded Rod Panels are ideal for feed lots, loafing areas, fencing, and corrals. These sturdy panels are used to build gates, stalls, water gaps, and hundreds of other projects in agriculture and industry. Installation is easy. Heavy 2-1/2 in. galvanized staples are best for wood posts, cable clamps, or simple wire wraps that can secure panels together.

Rod ends are trimmed for safety of men and stock. To build corral 4 in. to 5 in. diameter wood post placed 8 ft. apart are used to form corral. One or two men can easily fasten panels to posts.
Steel Corral Type

Corral Panel Chart

*10 Wire Cattle Panels are also available in 52" height

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