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Foxstone Privacy Fence ®

Thousands of home owners and business owners have used wood panels to build privacy fencing. After a few short years the wood (even the best cedar) turns colors, warps, rots, and is either blown down or is destroyed in grass fire.
Foxstone Fence
Plastic privacy panels became the replacement for wood and solved some of the problems. But, plastic melts and burns, and needs steel inserts to make it strong enough to stand up in high winds. We invented Foxstone Privacy - Security Fencing.

It's made of galvanized steel that is powder coated to ensure a very long life. Not only will it last 5 times longer than a wood fence, its beauty will last that long too, and installation is quick and easy. Everyone loves Foxstone and you will too. Click here to download installation instructions.
Foxstone Privacy Fence

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Foxstone Fence Parts
Fence Post Fence Rail Rail REciever
Fence Post
4' 4"X 4" Post (6') - CAE AA*
6' 4" X 4" Post (8' 6") - CAE AB
8' 4" X 4" Post (11') - CAE AC
Fence Rail
8' Rail (92") - CAF AA
Fence Rail Receiver
Rail Receiver for Post - CAI AA
Fence Pickett Tec Screws  
Fence Picket
4' Fence Picket (43") - CAG AA
6' Fence Picket (67") - CAG AB
8' Fence Picket (91") - CAG AC
Tek Screws
Screws #14 T30 (100 pkg) - CAL AB
*Special Order
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