Chain Link Fabric

Chain Link Fabric

Chain Link Fence Fabric

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Galvanized Class III

12 1/2 gauge wire is woven into 2 1/4 in. mesh chain link fabric and then hot dipped
galvanized at every bend and intersection. The top and bottom of all 36 in., 48 in.,
and 60 in., fabric has a "knuckle" finish while the 72 in. fabric has a "knuckle" finish
on one edge and "twist" finish on the other. This is the most popular fence material
for residential application. Furnished in 50 ft. rolls.



Heavier Class III - 11 1/2 gauge fabric for smaller 2 1/4 in. mesh.


6 gauge chain link fabric (not shown) and other sizes and styles are also
available from Burly. Vinyl coated wire may be ordered in an assortment
of colors. Call for more information.

Industrial and Commercial Chain Link Fence Fabric
Industrial and commercial fence requires a fabric that will give years of
service. The process of weaving steel wire and then coating it with a
heavy layer of zinc, assures a long lasting fence. The 11 ga. and 9 ga.
fabrics are woven with a 2" mesh except for the tennis court fabric which
has a 1 3/4" mesh. The fabric has a "knuckle and knuckle" weave up to
60". Fabric 72" in height and over has a knuckle and twist weave. All rolls
are 50 ft. in length.


Kennel Panels

Kennel Panels


Build your own Kennel easily and quickly. Panels come with two clamps for easy setup. 6 ft.
panel with built in 3 ft. door completely assembled. 6 ft. and 12 ft. panels are all 6 ft. tall.
1 3/8 in. galvanized tube frame covered with 12 1/2 gauge chain link fabric.

Vinyl Slats

Vinyl Slats
Slats6 BlackSlats GreenSlats
Make Your Chain Link Fence A Privacy Fence...With Vinyl Slats That Slide Into Your Existing Fabric
Available in several colors: Green, Black, Beige, Blue, and others.
6' and 8' Beige Slats in stock.