Fence Cable & Smooth Wire
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High Tensile Smooth Wire

High Tensile Smooth Wire


High Tensile Smooth Wire is used for professionally installed 10 wire fencing systems
with two wires electrified to keep horses in, predators out. Class III zinc coating gives
years of extra service. 100-pound, 12 1/2 gauge coils are 4000 feet long, 170,000 PSI.

Sheffield Fence Cable

Sheffield Fence Cable
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Sheffield 7-Strand Galvanized Fence Cable is manufactured specifically for fence material.
The same Class 1, 12-1/2 gauge wire that is used in our Sheffield Barbed Wire is woven into
a 9/32 diameter cable that has a breaking strength of over 3250 pounds.
Sheffield Fence Cable is ideal for building corrals and is a safe pasture fence for horses
and other livestock.
• Heavy duty wooden spool holds 500 ft. of cable for easy installation.
• Weld-on cable clips are welded to post to allow cable to slide through.
• Cable clamps to "bolt" cable to post for long lasting construction.
• Heavy duty coil springs to add "safety cushion" for cable fence.
• Instead of using old oil field cable that is usually rusty, dirty, oily and has
broken strands sticking out to endanger livestock and people...
• Build your cable fence with smooth strong galvanized
Sheffield 7-Strand Fence Cable.
• Easy to work with, 500 ft. is rolled on a wooden spool that allows you to unroll as
much cable as you need. Each spool only weighs 80 lbs. so that you do not have
the unmanageable weight of a 4000 ft. spool.

Galvanized Smooth Wire

Sheffield Galvanized Smooth Wire
Merchant Quality WIre
Galvanized smooth wire for general purpose use. Offered in 10 lb and 100 lb coils.
Most coils are continuous strands. 10 lb coils
are furnished in 100 lb bundles.