Livestock Equipment
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Automatic Headgate

Automatic Headgate

"Self Catching"
Automatic self-catching headgate really makes work easier. Side panels allows passage
of animal's head until its shoulders hit the side panels to force headgate into closed position,
locking head securely in place - without choking. All steel construction. Right or left hand
control. 34 in. wide. Weight 200 lbs.

Extra Large Squeeze Chute

Extra Large Squeeze Chute
Larger Squeeze Chute with same features as Heavy Duty Chute shown above.
Friction locking "squeeze lever" assures control of larger animals. Heavier pipe
construction. Automatic Headgate 78 in. tall x 40 in. wide x 107 in. long.


Corner Feeder / Wall Feeder
Corner Feeder / Wall Feeder

Goat Table

Goat Table
The Goat Table has the same basic design as the Calf Table. The special features for goats include one removable bottom side panel and a drop floor. There is also extra height on the base. Height is 60", Width 55", Length 49"

Heavy Duty Automatic Squeeze Chutes

Heavy Duty Automatic Squeeze Chutes
Left Handed Chute Shown
This combination top of the line automatic, self catching, non-choking head gate,
and heavy duty squeeze chute, is engineered for heavy use such as feed lots,
veterinarian services, and large cattle ranches, but it is also practical for the cattle
raiser with a small number of animals.
Designed by cattlemen and built by craftsmen with over 40 years experience in the
livestock equipment manufacturing business, this chute has evolved into the best
"one man" operated squeeze chute on the market. Centrally located controls allow
either front or side exit release of animal. The spring locking, vertical drop tailgate
allows safer control of other animals in the pen or alley way. Vertical drop bars and
lower drop side panels give safe access to all parts of the animal. This 900 lb. stationary
chute can become portable with the addition of an optional wheel kit. 96 in. long x 36 in. wide.

Heavy Duty Calf Table

Heavy Duty Calf/Goat Table
• Heavy duty all steel construction. Revolutionary designed Calf Table will roll left or
right for easy access to both sides of animal. Circle concept keeps alley way blocked
at all times. Adjusts for smaller animals. Non-choking stanchion front panels, self
locking tailgate to control animal on table and those following. Side access panels.
• Adjustable leg bar holds rear legs back. Vertical drop panels on both sides gives easy
access to animal.
• Friction locking device on headgate.
• Holds calves up to 500 lbs.
• 55 in. wide, 60 in. long, 64 in. tall.
• Separate wheel kit available.

Livestock Complete Working Unit

Livestock Complete Working Unit
Crowding Tub
• Automatic Heavy Duty Chute
• Palpation Cage
• 14 ft. alley
• Alley Stop
• 180° Crowding Tub
• Catwalk
* The 180° crowding tub has a radius of 10 ft. and is 5 ft. 5 in. tall. It has heavy steel side walls,
a 4 in. steel pivot post, an outside entrance gate, and a positive spring latch on the crowding gate.
* The 24 ft. alley comes in 8 ft. sections that are curved or straight. It is made of heavy 16 gauge
side walls that tapered and ajustable. It is easy to assemble for use in more than one location.
* The catwalk is 12 in. wide and allows for a one man operation. It is made of heavy steel tubing
that is pinned for easy assembly.
* The complete working unit shown above requires a space approximately 57 ft. x 12 ft. and has a
total combined weight of 4500 lbs.
* We will custom design your corral system to also include; panels, gates, flow control, loading chute,
cutting gates, and switching gates.

Call 1-800-772-8100 for more information.

Manual Headgate

Manual Headgate
Non-choking, stanchion-type headgate is strong, easy-to-use. Friction-type locking device and
nose bar. Animals can exit through front, or latches can be released to allow entire gate to swing
open. Right and left hand controls available. 34 in. wide x 72 in. tall. 150 lbs.

Palpation Cage

Palpation Cage
Available to fit regular squeeze chute and extra-large chute. Doors on both sides swing out
making it more convenient for pregnancy testing, castrating, clamping, etc. Equipped with
a self-locking, vertical slide, rear gate. Specify stock number for size chute. Regular chute
36 in. x 72 in., extra-large chute 40 in. x 78 in.. Palpation cage for extra-large. Chute also
available with sliding door, 40 in. x 79 in.

Universal Cattle Working Unit

Universal Cattle Working Unit
Universal Tub

This universal cattle working equipment has all the benefits of the solid panel systems
but is much lighter weight. With its strong steel construction it is very durable. The
crowding tub is 180 degrees and it has a 16' alley. It is easy to assemble with pins and
does not require and tools. It can be used as a right or left hand.

Wheel Kit for Squeeze Chutes and Calf Tables

Wheel Kit for Squeeze Chutes and Calf Tables
The Wheel Kit is a separate trailer on which the chute sits and is bolted down. The chute is
elevated into position for transport by means of a lever-jack. Wheel assemblies will fold back
to the chute or can be completely removed when chute is in use.
Wheels included but tires are not included. Order for squeeze chute or calf table.