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22 - 90 Diamond Head Stock Tank Features

22 - 90 Diamond Head Stock Tank Features

Diamond Head Stock Tanks are manufactured with premium grade materials by
experienced craftsmen. Superior design and construction make Diamond Head the
name you can rely on year after year.
Diamond Head Stock Tanks have 22 gauge heavily galvanized side walls. The top of
the side walls wrap completely around a 1 1/8 in. steel pipe to form a smooth reinforced
rim that withstands the pushing and shoving of livestock. Deep 360° horizontal
corrugation bands give additional strength to the side walls.
A sturdy 4 ply rolled seam, enclosed with an elastic sealant, connect the 22 gauge heavy
zinc coated galvanized steel bottom to the side wall. The seams of Diamond Head Tanks
are permanently sealed at the factory so that there is no waiting period for the tank to "seal"
when filled.
The attention to details in the design of Diamond Head Tanks, such as the threaded
3/4 in. drain and plug are important to the livestock producer today. Offered in 15 different
sizes. Diamond Head Tanks are the answer to animal owners water supply problems.
Shipped Nested to Save on Freight
Diamond Head Tanks
are designed to "nest" to save shipping costs. "Nesting" also protects
the tanks from damage in shipping. A small size variance is incurred in nesting. There are 3
stock tanks to a nest. Manufactured in both round and oblong styles Diamond Head Tanks
are available in 24 in. deep tanks
or 15" sheep tanks.

22-90 Diamond Head Round Stock Tanks

22 - 90 Diamond Head Round Stock Tanks
Water when you need it!
Diamond Head Round Tanks can be located at the fence or corral intersection to serve
four areas. Manufactured with a sturdy pipe reinforced rim and corrugated side walls.
Diamond Head round tanks come in water capacity from 95 gallons to 717 gallons.
(1134 gallon capacity available on special orders). Order 3 to nest.

22-90 Diamond Head Oblong Tanks

22 - 90 Diamond Head Oblong Tanks
Water where you need it!
Diamond Head Oblong Tanks are designed to fit in special areas such as crowded stalls.
Oblong tanks are easier to clean and have advantages for horse owners. Capacities from
72 gallons to 252 gallons. Order 3 to a nest.

22 - 90 Diamond Head Sheep Tanks

22 - 90 Diamond Head Sheep Tanks
Shallow 15 in. deep water tank with heavy 22 gauge galvanized steel side wall and bottom.
The tank has a pipe reinforced top rim and 4 ply rolled bottom seam with an enclosed sealant
to protect against leaks. It has horizontal corrugated side walls for extra strength, and is
furnished in round or oblong styles. Order 3 to a nest.

Float Valve for Stock Tank

Float Valve for Stock Tank
Easily clamps on tank wall. Float cuts off water when tank is filled. Standard
hose thead for easy installation. Plastic or aluminum case.

Float.Valve LIV LE LIV HB
Used to control water levels in stock tanks. 50 to 100 PSI. 40 gpm at 40 PSI. Stem and float
needed to operate valve. 3/4 in. pipe thread.

Frost-Proof Hydrant

Frost-Proof Hydrant
This hydrant stands about 2 ft. above the ground. The lever control operates by cam principle
and provides variable flow. The frost-proof hydrant also has a stainless steel operating rod,
and a locking eye on the lever that allows the hydrant to be pad-locked when not in use.
The water drains out of the hydrant when the lever is shut off. 1 ft. bury shaft is 36 in., 2 ft. bury shaft is 48 in.

Automatic Waterers

Automatic Float Controlled Waterers
The float valve is molded from nylon for long life. A steel flap protects the float. It is an excellent
waterer for livestock and pets. Available in galvanized or black epoxy finish.


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