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The Burly Corporation of North America

Est. 1959
Manufacturer of

Sheffield Wire Products®
Diamond Head Products®

Burly Manufacturer of Sheffield Fence and Wire Products

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Specialty Items

Live Traps
Live Trap
24" X 8" X 8" Live Trap - LTR AA
36" X 12" X 12" Live Trap - LTR BA
48" X 15" X 15" Live Trap - LTR CA
Fish Traps
Fish Trap
Perch Trap - LTR FA
Clover Leaf Perch Trap - LTR FB
Fish Trap - LTR GA
Rat Trap - LTR EA
Bird Trap - LTR HA
Turtle Trap - LTR IA
Floating Turtle Trap - LTR IB
Crawfish Trap - LTR JA
Pigeon Trap - LTR XA
Post these metal signs where you need them.
Private Property- SIN AT
Garage Sale -  SIN AV
Keep Out - SIN AF
For Sale - SIN AA
Beware of Dog - SIN AQ
No Trespassing - SIN AC
and others

Large Assortment of

Snaps & Turn Buckles

Burly Accepts All Credit Cards

For pricing please call your team at Burly 1-800-772-8100 or 817-295-1128

Burly will help you estimate your needed fence materials. Just Fax or Email a drawing of your fence project with measurements.
Fax: 817-295-0000