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T-Posts, Drivers and Pullers

Sheffield Steel Fence Posts

America's first name in fence posts - Sheffield! Studded T design posts are made from steel. 3 point bradded anchor plate stays on the post. Finished with lead-free enamel paint with rust inhibitors baked on. Manufactured in the U.S.A.

Heavy 1.33 lbs T-Post
Heay 1.33 lbs T-Post Chart

Sheffield Steel T-Post Fence Posts.
1.25 lbs. T-Post
1.25 lbs. T-Post Chart

Sheffield's 8' high game fence requires a 10' T-Post. These posts are heavy 1.33 lbs. per ft (14lbs.) Dark Green enamel protects the steel posts. White tips reflect light at night. Three brad anchor plate. 200 posts to a skid.




Special High Game Fence Post


Diamond Head T-Post

Diamond Head T-Post
Diamond Head T-Post are made in the USA

Green Standard Weight T-Post weight 1.25 pounds per foot




6' Green Diamond Head T-Post
8.17 lbs.
6 1/2' Green Diamond Head T-Post
6 1/2'
8.80 lbs.

When you spend your money and your time to build a fence on your property you expect it to last a long time. That's why we put a three brad plate on our post. That's why we "dip" our Diamond Head T-Post in lead free paint and then bake it on. Available in green at a low price. A white tip at the top makes your fence line visible at night.

Each post comes with five galvanized wire clips to securely fasten your fence to the post. These clips are packaged on a 12" strip to allow you to use the clips in the field without having to untangle each clip and slow down construction. 200 Posts to a skid.
T-Post Driver

T-Post Driver Chart
Diamond Head Steel T-Post Driver
and Burly "T" Post Clips

The Diamond Head Post Driver makes post setting easier, less time consuming, lower-cost. One man can drive 200 or more perfectly aligned posts a day. Driver is 36 in. long, with a 2 in. inside diameter. Weight, 17.5 pounds.

There's a patented fence fastener for the Studded "T" Post, designed for quick, easy installation. Just a half turn around the wire is all it takes. Tools necessary? Ordinary nail or line pliers. Your customers will appreciate how these fasteners resist tangling in shipment, making each one easy to pick up and install without troublesome separating. In addition, the sides of the fasteners are formed to provide tension when installed, keeping the line wire tight against the post. Five of these new fasteners come with each Studded "T" Post. Also available in desired quantities.
T-Post Puller

Use this T-Post Puller to extract any T-Post from the ground without damaging it so you can reuse the T-Post at a later date.

T-Post Puller Chart
T-Post Puller
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